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Authors Mykola Babak, Evgene Matveev

More than a hundred died on Maydan (Square) of Independence during the Revolution Of Dignity in February 2014. We were there with them and forever remain affected by those tragic events.

As artists, we are confident that our weapons are no less effective than a bullet, and we use it for the greater good. Our weapons are consciousness, intelligence, an ability to weigh Good against Evil, as well as our professional skills that help us convey the deeper meaning of our creations. “The Sacrifice” exploits a universally known biblical story of Creation. We squeezed all our emotions, everything that is going on in our souls into six sizable symbolic compositions that, in the first place, represent our sight into the future.

These six creations are a maturity test of sorts. We would like the viewer, looking at this work, would plunge into their deeper sacral meaning, which is much more complex than the primary emotional response.