Authors Mykola Babak, Evgene Matveyev


Rediscovery of time is the phenomenon of modern culture, that has to do with actualization of the problem of temporality. There are there minimal conditions in the temporary area, “responsible for any story: irreversibility, probability, and the possibility of the appearance of new links”. * It is such a fertile ground for postmodernist fun and practice, that the author simply could not pass by this axiom. The name of the project in itself has the allure of the endless vortex of the speculative training. The artists have no boundaries in this subject. They thread plot after plot, topic after topic, revelation after revelation on the spiral of time, wound up like a spring in the area of temporality.

The project “Rediscovery of Time” is about the radical transition to the position of the integral synthesis. According to the synergetic self-evaluation, “we think that being and becoming must be viewed as two correlating aspects of reality, and not as two conflicting opposites” (I. Prigogine, I. Stengers).

The integral synthesis is one of the most applied approaches to creating actual artwork, integral – is inseparably connected, common, united. For instance, the artist clearly imagined this same temporality while working on triptychs “Landing”, “Farm”, the synthesis so common in the process of postmodernist artwork. This synergetic approach to creating artwork is the essential component of this strategical project.  

* The term was suggested by the Belgian physicist  I. Prigogine (“The Rediscovery of Time”, 1989)