Authors Mykola Babak, Evgene Matveev


The Project “Metaphysics of Absence” is not striving to have a role of conceptual-methodological blueprint, while attempting to have the status of paradigm. This state is characteristic of the postmodernist philosophy, which does not have well-established terms, unlike the classic philosophy. According to Derrida, present can be present only under the condition that it has relationship with absent. He introduces the term “mark”. Mark is the sign of the absent thing… According to Derrida, it is important to think of or consider “the original mark”. *

So far, we dealt with Absence.  Now, let's look at Metaphysics. To describe it in very general terms, metaphysics is a branch of philosophy, studying the original nature of reality, world, and being itself. **

Here we have the ripe fruit, that the artists pied with much anticipation. The authors of the project are moving along the signs, the marks, and the traces of the marks, traces and remounts of the activities of living, all along finding amazing personification of the metaphysical world. Metaphysical nature is the place, where physics do not exist. It's the kingdom of God and Devil.

It is the world of illusions and reflections; the world that can become a ruin if one takes away the light. The world of twilight will come. Because nothing exist without the light. Only metaphysical blade light remains.

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