Authors Mykola Babak, Evgene Matveyev


This strange project took its shape completely unexpectedly to the artists. It does not contain many things, for instance: sense of urgency, deep futuristic thoughts, apocalyptic world view, revolutions, and wars. What it does have is the cosmic nostalgia of purity and sanctity. A sort of original, almost pagan sadness.

The liquid world is present in all compositions, as their foundation. Take the apples, for instance. The liquid world is saturated with various artifacts loaded there by the artists. The artifacts produce the lyrical components of the project.

A surprising image of the liquid world is portrayed by Graham Joyce in his book “Indigo”, “She put the cup on the work table, splattered with pain, and pointed at the painting hanging on the wall: a coarse colorful layer conveyed all the intermediate shades between blue and violet. – I mixed here absolutely everything: menstrual blood, sperm, snots, and so on. Poppy milk. Blue Curacao. Everything. You won't find indigo here, because it is not here”.

The project becomes part of the exhibition space effortlessly and in style.

The art work does not have any images of people. Only hints at, prints of, traces of, and matrix. However, one can feel human presence somewhere very close by, just outside of the frame. This project is similar to eyes, lit up by a thought.

“My thought is similar to lava: any lava, once hardened, becomes its own obstacle…”; once said Friedrich Nietzsche in “Zarathustra”.

The artists do not allow lava (the liquid world) to harden; they do not allow a smoldering thought to die.