Authors Mykola Babak, Evgene Matveyev


Our project presents “Farm” as an art conveyor of sorts, where “art” is anything that even remotely has features of art. However, the most important part of the project is the paradoxical view of the farm. “Farm” is everywhere in our environment – from an actual dairy farm, to a philosophical realization of the infinity of being. This seemingly absurd view is similar to burning on a light in pitch darkness. This approach allows to create non-trivial simulacres. For instance, viewing an artist as a well-yed and taken care of animal in a barn, equivalents to what is known as “success” nowadays*.

While regardless of the degree of success, the artist himself most frequently becomes the outsider of the market orgy. Very few of the modern artists think of themselves as producers of goods in the current market system**. The art work attempts to resist its creator from the very first moment, and later starts living completely independently. By that time, it's not important, whether the creator physically possesses his work. The question becomes, if the essence of the creation (and the artist, who is unwillingly attached to it) is in nudging somebody (an artist) towards the path leading to the boundless space.

*  Koshelev, Egor. About the ethics of the art and artistic production. Art Journal. №79/80.

** Same reference, as above.