Authors Mykola Babak, Evgene Matveyev


What do the authors of the project mean by “body without organs”? It means a number of things, associated with devastation: time, culture, environment, gut, life force, ethics, historical memory, etc.

We live in the final stage of postmodernism. Despite the fact that there is still a lot of time before it ends, there are already ideas, such as “What is next?” The problem-conceptual search of the postmodernist philosophy realizes itself within the boundaries of the developmental direction of the modern culture, while focusing on the study of the most current problem.

The characteristic psychotype of postmodernism – is schizo-narcissist. One can move into the next phase of the infant's psyche' development after the period of postmodernism – into the period of the original sleep (meaning a “foggy” infant's psyche, still in the womb, however interacting with the world). Archetypical original sleep – Ethnofuturism – is the union between postmodernistic and archaic-mythological. This is the transition from one stage of development to the next. It is the union of the two beginnings, at the speed of light. The stage of conception, development, and acquisition of a new status.*

The name of the project incorporates one of the axioms of the postmodernist non-linear concept – Body without its organs. The question is, how do the authors of the project attach themselves to ethnofuturism? This is the next stage of the pupa' development. The philosophical foundation is just being set up. The fable of corruption of the juvenile Eve assists the artists in this task. It is similar to running on the broken ice covering water – you are moving already. Where will the next step fall? Will the “juvenile” Eve with the baby on the way?

*Internet community