Authors Mykola Babak, Evgene Matveev


Background. It appears, that Background game in the actual art is a hopeless task. It is to a certain extend. Background belongs to other art movements. It is difficult to characterize it in terms of actual practice. We need topological reflection, post-informational society, Logos position, communicators.* Et cetera. All thoughts are ground up into this strange intellectual minced meat in the grinder of the “black hole” of non-linear “I” – “all in one, and one in all.”**

The authors of the project are trying to prove, that Background can become part of the actual art – as an independent function, as well as a part of a more complex structure. To be specific, Background can be interpreted as a wall of unconscious. For example, for street-art. Or a backdrop for an actual object. Or…Or… One can surrender his own verbal reactions to a forced schizoanalysis.

It is similar to the evolution of G. Deleuze and F.Guattari's postmodernist views. They strongly criticized various types of psychoanalysis, juxtaposing them against their own method – schizoanalysis. G. Deleuze and F.Guattari proclaimed their goal “de-analysis”, creation of a new “school of schizophrenia” – not return to Freud or Marx. The goal of schizoanalysis – is to demonstrate the unconscionable libido of social-historic process, regardless of its rational contents. Art is the shortcut towards achieving this goal.***

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