Authors Mykola Babak, Evgene Matveev


The project Altar is done in the style of Vienna performance artists. An animal about to be sacrificed is awaiting its fate, accompanied by menstrual blood, scandal, police, and imprisonment. The way of society is such, that any individual can become the sacrificial animal at any time, regardless of their welfare. To photograph somebody, is to commit an act of violence against him – to see him the way, he never viewed himself; to find out things about him, he never knew existed; in other words, to transform an individual into a symbolic object to possess*. This is the first step an individual takes in the transition between the photograph and symbolic sacrificial altar. In this particular project the authors are specifically interested in the individual, instead of the altar; the object of the sacrifice appears tense and imposing at the same time. A world under water with anemones, a surface of an unknown planet rusty from dried blood, or a sandwich – funny place for a sacrifice.

If every camera owner is considered to be a photographer, then the only criterion of professionalism is not to take pictures. The final result is the act of transitioning of photography art into the thinking mode. The photography becomes art**.

The authors behind the project “Altar” support this thesis. The artists do not take pictures. They exclusively work on concepts.

*  Susan Sonntag. About Photography.

** Irina Popova. What are we to do with all of our cameras?